Recruitment Package Option 1
Recruitment Package Option 1

Recruitment Package Option 1

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  • Player Evaluation - This evaluation will be an unbiased, non-sugar-coated report through an NBA-level lens and will provide prospects with an accurate depiction of where their game currently stands. We’ll include a projection range within this report.
  • 100-Point Scale Breakdown - In this document, we’ll provide a nitty-gritty, nuanced itemization of every relevant aspect of a prospect’s game. We’ll cover elements on both sides of the ball, based on position, and even rate some of the most important intangibles, like body language and coachability. 
  • Player Profile - the player profile is generated after a prospect fills out our questionnaire. It includes just about anything a college coach might want to know when learning about a potential future scholarship player. This document is intended to be included in your future emails to coaches throughout the recruitment process.


After purchase: We will send you a link to the subscription form to fill out and submit. Once your form is received, we will contact you with the next steps.