Elite 200 Club

Elite 200 Club

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Saturday, August 20, 2022 at Underwood Park, many in the community will be playing in the 1st Annual Jumpshot 3V3 Basketball Tournament for a $600 cash prize and a dunk contest for a $200 cash prize.

Jumpshot would like to invite you to sponsor us and enjoy our Elite 200 Club package for one of the liveliest tailgate parties coming to Birmingham this Summer. There will be good food, good music, and the city’s most talented basketball talent. So, get set up in the Elite 200 Club and be ready for a fun kick back at the park!

This package level is for individuals in the community who want to support and attend the Jumpshot 3V3 Basketball Tournament in style.

The purchasing individual will receive the following perks:

  • The individual will receive a designated 10x10 tent set up for the event with 2 tents and 4 lawn chairs. Sponsors can decide if they would like to keep tents and chairs to have.  Sponsors can choose to use their tent set up as a vendor booth for their business or simply enjoy the event.
    • The individual’s name and logo will be showcased on the website and social as sponsors. (Also allowed to include 30-sec promotion video for social media post)
    • (2) Opportunities for company giveaways & promotions during a break or halftime during a game.
    • The goal is to have individuals support us so we can create an amazing experience for the community.