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The Jumpshot Sports Club provides members with various community service opportunities. These activities can range from one-time monthly volunteering for Jumpshot sporting events or community sports related events or it can be an extended-long commitment through our signature programs, Recruit Jumpstart and the Jumpshot Media Program. These signature programs guide our youth in promoting themselves to recruiters and provide free media services to high school athletes that lack the resources to attract recruiters. 


Our service work connects our member with sports teams and businesses by volunteering for their community events and games. Increasing their opportunity to network and leave a great impression on sports companies and leaders in the area and near by. 

Our Recruit Jumpstart programs allow members to stand as mentors for young athletes in our community. Mentoring through sports can help young people develop character and gain grit that will help them when experiencing the highs and lows of the game or life. 

Our Jumpshot Media Program helps members who strive to build a career in sports marketing and communications. They choose one or more of our 3 services that they wiould like to practice and develop their skills in.

These service include sideline interviews, digital marketing, photography, and highlight videos. This active participation allows members to easily build up their portfolio and work experience for their resume. 

Join the Jumpshot Sports Club by coming a member.