Recruit Jumpstart

The Recruit Jumpstart Program is a quarterly 2-day boys basketball workshop that guides and provides our high school basketball players with the knowledge they need to promote themselves to recruiters. This program provides knowledge for the grade levels 9th grade -12th grade. 

The workshop will run in a class format but each participant will be partnered up with an individual mentor to sit and assist them with every step of the workshop. There is a limit of 20 participants per workshop so that we can provide quality focus and computer access to each participant.


Many young basketball players have the hope to play college basketball but are unaware of the requirements and the work that's done in the background to be noticed or even eligible for a scholarship. This free program is our initiative to provide the young basketball talent in our community with the knowledge and information they need to know in order to be noticed and taken seriously by recruiters. We not only provide them with the information but connect them with mentors to assist them in making sure it gets done correctly. 

What Participants Will Learn and Take Action on In the Workshop

  • Learn the NCAA Basketball Recruiting Rules and Regulations for each Division (I,II, & III) 
  • Learn How the NCAA Basketball Calendar Impacts the College Basketball Recruiting Process
  • Learn College Basketball Recruiting Guidelines by Position
  • Learn and Work through the Academic Requirements to be Eligible for Athletic Scholarships
  • Learn What It Takes and What Information Is Needed to Get Recruited by College Basketball Coaches
  • Learn How to Create a Proper Stand Out Skills Video
  • Learn & Receive Information on Exposure Camps , Tournaments, and Showcases
  • Search the Complete List of Colleges With Basketball Programs and Create a Target List of Schools
  • Get Info On the Best Basketball Recruiting Websites
  • Receive and Discuss College Recruiting Checklist for Each Grade Year
  • Social Media Presence and Ways To Connect With Coaches
  • Learn & Format Proper Letters & Emails to Start the Communication with Coaches
  • Get Info on the 5 Types of Questions You Need to Ask a College Coach

Workshop Dates

  • June 10-11, 2023
  • August 5-6, 2023
  • December 2-3, 2023


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