Jumpshot Coach Challenge

Jumpshot Coach Challenge


Fundraise for your local basketball team by voting for their head coach to do a thrilling and fun challenge!

Jumpshot is hosting a collaborative fundraiser for you to raise money for your upcoming season expenses.

70% of earnings go towards the basketball team. Free to sign up!

1. Your journey starts off with your Initial Meeting. Things that will be discussed: 

      - 3 Challenges will be put up for voting.

        (Popular challenges: 2 Pies to the face, shave your head) 

      - Location of Banner placement. 

      - Counting Process 

      - Preshow run through

      - Interactive show time, location, and needs

      - The final process of receiving 70% of the earnings

2. Placement of Banner

   To help promote your Coach Challenge we will place our Coach Challenge Banner in a popular area where your supporters travel often. The banner will promote the Coach Challenge and tell you where and how to buy votes. (Location example: school cafeteria, school front desk, practice gym, sports complex)

   Your school or community will be able to vote on what challenges they would like to see the coach perform. Voting begins on a Monday at 8 am and ends the following Friday at 12pm.  $1 = 1 Vote 

3. Jumpshot Coach Challenge Show

   For the finale, Jumpshot hosts the official Jumpshot Coach Challenge Show in your gym or designated area. It's a short show consisting of 3 games that give the basketball team an opportunity to interact with supporters in the crowd. 

After the games, we will reveal what challenge got the highest votes and the head coach will perform it live in that moment.

So sign up today and earn money for your basketball team